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Our Puppies 


Our puppies are whelped in our home.  We believe in offering gentle stimulation and challenge each puppy to become confident, we work with each puppy to build sound temperaments.   We begin immediate handling, imprinting and stimulation.  


We expose them to all the household noises and flooring surfaces.  We take the health of each puppy very seriously.  We begin deworming at 2 weeks and deworm every 2 weeks up to 8 weeks of age.  The pups all visit the Vet. at 5 weeks and again at 8 weeks.  The health evaluations are available for your inspection.


Our pups are introduced to the sounds of music, television, vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaner, circular saw, nail gun, hammer, and motorcycle.  We introduce them to children, other people, and a goofy looking basset hound. The flooring surfaces they walk on are grass, imitation grass, dirt, concrete, tile, cedar, linoleum, straw, rubber, metal, wood, concrete, and plastic.


Our puppies are kept in a clean envrionment, this helps with potty traing.  Puppies are introduced to potty traing at about 6 weeks of age.


* AKC Registration

* Health Guarantee

* Microchiped




Puppies 7 weeks, on their first walk to pet store for some more grub.  

We introduce the crate to the pups at 5 weeks and start leash training at 7 weeks.  The pups are feed 85% raw.  Their diet consists of raw ground chicken or turkey, cottage cheese, eggs, broccoli, green beans, tripe & kibble.  

Yellow Girl & her new owner.

Blue Boy & Aries - Aries has the red collar.

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