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Adele at play with her Best Boy!

Working Dogs DO Make Great Family Pets!

If you’ve ever wondered if a German Shepherd trained in Schutzhund would make a good family pet and protector?  The answer is yes!   We have had great success raising our Schutzhund titled German Shepherds with our family.  These dogs make perfect confident, well-trained, and obedient family members.


The key is in the way that you raise your German Shepherd puppy.  Raising a Schutzhund puppy will require a lot more patience and a big investment of time on your part. There are things that you will have to put up with and certain things that you will have to teach your puppy early on.


Something you will have to consider are more extensive socialization, demand for more patience with puppy’s antics, and copious amounts of encouragement to build and develop drive.  We introduce all of our puppies at 3 weeks of age to children with a calm, soft and loving approach. 

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