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About us

The Hansen family has raised and trained Working Line German Shepherds beginning in the early 1950's. Many of the Hansen dogs were sold to police departments, the military, and used as family protection dogs.    Denise not only grew up with German Shepherds but also raised her five children with German Shepherds.   In 2011 Denise entered into her first Schutzhund event.    Denise is very excited to continue the family tradition.


Denise states that since she was a small child visiting her family kennel, she was interested in breeding, and working with the true working dog. Our working line German Shepherds are highly adaptable to many working situations and environments.  We work to ensure the breeding of only the highest standards.   Our German Shepherd Puppies, all come with a heath guarantee and AKC registration.

Our Kennel

The goal here at Hansen's is to make pet ownership worry-free by providing outstanding pet care in a safe, healthy, happy environment for their dogs.

Hansen Kennels pledges to:

  • Exceed customer expectations

  • Provide a safe and healthy environment

  • Provide customized play and activities

  • Always continue our education and share our knowledge.

  • Serve the community

Our Story & Team

Hansen's Training Center is family-owned and operated. Over 50 years of K9 experience has resulted in a powerful commitment to all K9's. Our passion is about delivering unmatched pet care and customer service. 

Our entire staff has a passion for dogs. We invite you to make an appointment & come and meet us in person. Take a tour, meet our staff and discover why Hansen's is unmatched in quality and service.

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